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FRC 2723 was founded in 2008 as “Atomic Shock.” There was much enthusiasm, grants from Boeing and ITT Tech Institute, and 20 students attending the 2009 Oklahoma City Regional. With little success in awards or in the robot game over several seasons along with a lack of mentorship and organization, the team spirit started to die out. The loss of experienced team members, mentors, and sponsors coupled with no plan for continuity and sustainability left 2723 with only one member attending the 2014 Regional. We didn’t even have a robot – FRC 1296 built one and programmed it for us at the competition – and we had to borrow a drive team member from them.  After this, moral was at an all-time low. A 2014-15 entering freshman was told by a senior: “Don’t let anyone know that you are in robotics unless you want to be made fun of.” Our budget barely covered the entry fee, and very few records were kept from these early years of the team.
For the 2015 season, that lone, determined member was joined by new members and mentors who arrived with several years of FIRST Lego League and even FIRST Championship experience that she helped recruit. We went from one core member to five, built our first offensive robot, and had a Dean’s List Finalist. We volunteered at the 2015 FIRST Championship to attend the conferences and meet other teams so we could learn how to become a better team ourselves. Then, we started planning how to grow and sustain the team so 2014 would never happen again.
For the 2016 season, Atomic Shock was reborn as Team Rocket, to give ourselves a new name and a fresh start. This is where our story begins.