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What is MAPS?

It is the City of Oklahoma City’s temporary sales tax to fund quality of life improvements – to make Oklahoma City a better place to live. There have been three MAPS votes since 1993, and each of them has provided many improvements to OKC, which you can read about here.

Team Rocket’s mission is to build science and technology leaders in Oklahoma and beyond, so in response to the City of Oklahoma City’s call for #ideas4maps, we propose that a new STEM Education Center and Community Robotics Arena be one of the items added to the MAPS4 ballot this December.

What are some details?

On March 19, 2019, we submitted the following letter electronically to the OKC City Council that gives a high-level summary of our plan:

MAPS4 Letter to City Council

On June 19, 2019, Mayor David Holt very graciously met with us to allow us to present our idea in person. We teamed up with the captain of FRC 2395 the Ninja Munkees, who are another team based in Oklahoma City, to share our experience with the mayor. Mayor Holt said that he liked our ideas and although they might not be the best fit for MAPS4 at this time that he would support us and these ideas often take years to come to fruition.  You can see some of our discussion materials here:

Materials for Mayor Holt discussion

On July 18, 2019, we met with City Council Member Todd Stone, who very graciously offered  to add us to the MAPS4 meeting agenda at the August 6, 2019 meeting. We are presenting our ideas to the entire City Council.

How can I help?

We are encouraging everyone who is interested in bringing a community STEM education center and community robotics arena to Oklahoma City to join in the effort with these quick and simple steps.  Time is short — please contact your city council member before the meeting on August 6!

1. Find out who your city council representative is using this map: link to map.

2. Email or call your City Council representative:

  1. James Greiner – – (405) 297-2404
  2. James Cooper – – (405) 297-2402
  3. Larry McAtee – – (405) 297-2402
  4. Todd Stone – – (405) 297-2402
  5. David Greenwell – – (405) 297-2569
  6. JoBeth Hamon – – (405) 297-2404
  7. Nikki Nice – – (405) 297-2569
  8. Mark Stonecipher – – (405) 297-2569

You can do something as simple as:

Dear Council Member [name],

I strongly support the proposal to build a community center for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education and competition that is being presented at the MAPS4 meeting on August 6.  Competitive robotics is a rapidly growing sport for the mind that encourages young people to pursue careers in STEM fields, and Oklahoma is facing a shortage of talent in these areas. If Oklahoma City students are given the opportunity to develop strong STEM skills, our city can become a center of technological development. This will create great opportunities for new jobs and exciting businesses. There is a need to develop the infrastructure to help us reach this goal and give students the opportunities and resources that are needed to achieve individual success and advance the success of our city.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see the OKC STEM Center on the MAPS4 ballot in December.


[your name]

3. Come to the City Council meeting on August 6 to show your support!  The meeting starts at 9am and will likely fill up early.  You can also watch the proceedings on the City of OKC Youtube Channel or Cox Channel 20.